2023年10月、JR長野駅は横幅10mの絵画作品の常設展示を開始した。描いたのは画家・真田将太朗。 その制作を追うドキュメンタリー映像。

director:Bunny fanfan
cinematographer:Kohei Tatsutomi
editor:Shosei Sato
produced by JIJI

In October 2023, JR Nagano Station commenced a permanent exhibition of a 10-meter-wide artwork. The painting was created by the artist, Masataro Sanada. This documentary film follows the production process.

Director: Bunny Fanfan
Cinematographer: Kohei Tatsutomi
Editor: Shosei Sato
Produced by: JIJI
Cooperation: JR East


JR上野駅構内に店を構えるフレンチレストラン「Brasserie L’ecrin」。画家・真田将太朗が2024年6月より、約一か月をかけ店内に半永久常設となる大壁画を完成させた。

Director:Bunny fanfan
Cinematographer:Kohei Tatsutomi
Produced by JIJI
協力: Brasserie L’ecrin

Brasserie L’ecrin is a French restaurant located inside JR Ueno Station. Painter Shotarou Sanada spent about a month completing a large mural that will be installed semi-permanently inside the restaurant from June 2024.

Director: Bunny fanfan
Cinematographer: Kohei Tatsutomi
Produced by JIJI
Cooperation: Brasserie L’ecrin


2024年3月26日(土)にBSフジ『 ブレイク前夜 ~次世代の芸術家たち~』に出演。

Appeared on BS Fuji’s “The Eve of the Break – Next Generation Artists” on March 26, 2024 (Saturday).


2023年2月4日(土)・5日(日)に第2回個展「ACROSS」内のイベントとして作曲家、音楽プロデューサーの久保田千陽氏率いる音楽団体『Japan Popular Classics Orchestra(JPCO)』と初のライブペインティング『Shotaro Sanada Livepaint Fes featuring JPCO』を開催。


On February 4th (Sat) and 5th (Sun), 2023, as an event in the second solo exhibition “ACROSS”, the music group “Japan Popular Classics Orchestra (JPCO)” led by composer and music producer Chiaki Kubota will perform for the first time. Held a live painting “Shotaro Sanada Livepaint Fes featuring JPCO”.

I painted on a size 100 canvas in 30 minutes to match the improvised performance.
4 live paintings were done in 2 days, and this video is the 1st and 4th pieces.





“Yasai Room” (Composer: Koga Yano, Art: Shotaro Sanada, Sound: Sho Ikeda)

This work features a camera equipped with artificial intelligence that recognizes the audience’s population density, movement speed, and location bias. It then adjusts the state of the exhibition space (sound/image) through program control based on these factors.

The piece was awarded the Grand Prize at the TOKYO GEIDAI ART FES 2023.

Co-creation with AI




続きを描くAIは、Latent Diffusion Modelを採用し、真田の100枚以上の絵画を学習したもの。生成される画像は真田の画風に近い画像が出力される。

Project with Araya Co., Ltd.

The system developed with “pAInter” can be broadly divided into three components:

  1. Camera for capturing the canvas.
  2. AI for continuing the drawing.
  3. Mechanism for projecting the AI-generated image onto the canvas.

The AI for continuing the drawing employs a Latent Diffusion Model and has been trained on over 100 paintings by Sanada. The generated images closely resemble Sanada’s artistic style.

Music Video

『zero』/大谷舞 1st digital single ミュージックビデオ

“zero” Mai Otani 1st digital single music video
In charge of artwork and art direction
Voice Act

東京藝術大学美術学部デザイン科 卒業作品(監督 栗原侑莉)



Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Design (Directed by Yuri Kurihara)
Short animated film: “The Chicken’s First Visit to the Field”

Played the leading voice actor role.

The work won the Salon de Printemps Prize.