作品《Process Landscape/過程風景》は、実際の風景から抽出した要素を極度に抽象化し、新たな風景として再生産する大型絵画の連作である。筆致や色彩の選択、綿密な構図の計画を前提とし、その計画を現実世界に再現する理想を掲げて描いている。そして、制作過程で起こる筆致の即興性や環境的イレギュラーを受け入れながら、さらに発展しつづける風景を浮かび上がらせる一種の創造的なプロジェクトである。



A painting is both a wall and a window.
As soon as it seems to separate space, it immediately penetrates fiction and reality, trying to establish a physical relationship with us. In this relationship, there is a sense that the painting is aware of us, just as we are aware of the painting.

The work “Process Landscape” is a series of large paintings in which elements extracted from actual landscapes are abstracted to an extreme degree and reproduced as new landscapes. The paintings are based on the assumption of a meticulous compositional plan, including the choice of brushstrokes and colors, and the ideal of reproducing that plan in the real world. The paintings are a kind of creative project that embraces the improvisation of brushstrokes and environmental irregularities that occur in the process of production, and brings to the surface a landscape that continues to develop.

I believe that the paintings produced in response to the information society, which is connected to history and changing day by day, will become “new landscapes” necessary for human society, which is based on the contradictory elements of inheritance and change. The canvas on which nothing was painted will be renewed as a world by accepting new elements and things as pigments and information as relationships and environments.
At that time, the painting will appear before our eyes as a living force that acts on reality, taking in the people who rest in its place.

I would like to search for new paintings that will open the horizon of creativity in this chaotic age.